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Q: Can I choose any name?

A: Yes you can, all of our Name Jewellery items are custom made one at a time so which ever name or even word you choose, it will be made especially for you.

Q: Do you keep stock of names?

A: As you can imagine there are millions of different names in the world so we do not keep stock of any names at all, but make each order one at a time as we receive your order.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Due to each product being hand made and of very high quality, it usually takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for you to receive your personalised jewellery. This can vary depending on where you live (i.e. postage time). If we have offered a promotional price then please allow a longer period such as 3 to 4 weeks in case we require additional time due to a large number of orders to produce at one time.

Q: Who do you use for deliveries?

A: We use the services of Australia Post, so please understand that once we hand over the packages to them, the delivery times are according to their usual suggested schedules. Our packages are usually able to fit in a regular letter box, and if you select Registered Post then you will be required to sign for it. If you aren't available they will leave a card for you to pick it up from your local post office, they will not do "special requests" such as leaving a package on the balcony.

Q: Can I change the name or word after ordering?

A: It is always best to send us an email immediately if this occurs so we can check the status of your order, if we have already started producing your personalised item then you will not be able to change the name or word.

Q: Can I cancel my personalised jewellery order?

A: Once we have started producing your order, we are unable to accept cancellations. If we have not begun then we may choose to offer you a refund if your request is reasonable.

Q: How do I know which ring size is right?

A: It may be best to go to your local Jeweller to use an actual Ring Sizer to check your ring size, this will be the most accurate way. Perhaps you can tell them that your partner or friend wants to buy you a ring and you need to tell him/her the correct size. Please note this is only a suggestion and it is up to you to provide us with your correct ring size.

Q: What if the ring is not the correct size after receiving it?

A: This is why we advise you to have your size professionally checked, once we have made the order we are unable to change it or accept returns due to the nature of the item being custom made. HOWEVER, it is quite often possible to adjust ring sizes at a Jeweller (we do not offer this service).

Q: Do prices of the jewellery ever change?

A: Due to the nature of many of our products being made in silver or gold, the world prices can vary which means sometimes we have no choice but to make adjustments to some of our prices. This can happen without warning, however we would only do it if the world price/s jumped dramatically otherwise we do our best to absorb the increases to keep our customers happy with the best prices in Australia.

Q: What are the usual heights and thicknesses of the name necklace pendants (the actual names)?

A: Regular Sterling Silver names are 0.7mm thick, and "Double Thick" names in silver are 1.2mm thick (5 to 13mm high). Our regular 14k yellow or white gold names are 0.4mm thick, and "Double Thick" gold names are 0.8mm thick (5 to 9mm high).

Q: What happens if the item I ordered arrives damaged or broken?

A: If you open your padded envelope/bag and see that your piece of jewellery is damaged in some way or appears broken, please do not open the plastic sealed packet that it arrives in. You need to contact us immediately by email so we can investigate what may have happened, and we will give you further instructions on how we will proceed to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have a shop so I can come to see your products or pick up our order quicker to save postage time?

A: We operate out of a small office and do not have a shop, this is how we maintain such low prices at a high level of quality, and why we only sell online. We prefer to post your order to maintain an efficient process, but will make an exception under certain circumstances, like if you need a large quantity of items and need to view samples prior to making a final decision, or if you require a prioritised item and picking it up could make a significant difference over postage time.

Please check our terms and Conditions page for more information regarding warantees and other important things to know.



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